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Agency News a student-led startup introduces Infinity to eliminate the digital divide and redefine the way we compute. 

Since the adoption of personal computers, the need for processing power has been growing at an exponential rate and especially with the rise of technologies like generative AI we are experiencing a peak of the digital divide with ever-increasing hardware costs the barrier to accessing emerging technologies is higher than ever. To combat this a student-led startup from West Bengal who have first hand experienced the digital divide within India’s educational system from some of the top government and private institutes across the country, began building a first of its kind of solution that brings the power of cloud computing to every end user.  is thrilled to announce the public beta of Infinity, an innovative AI-first SaaS- based on-demand computing platform scheduled for June 28, 2024. Infinity is designed to turn any device into a powerful computer accessible via a web browser, making advanced applications and software available to all. With a mission to surpass the hardware limitations of current desktop or mobile devices, Infinity works to allow its users to “Run everything on Anything” and its seamless experience makes cloud computing a norm for every end user.

One of the key features of Infinity is its unique microservices architecture, which ensures smooth scalability and top-notch performance for a wide range of applications. Unlike traditional virtual machines, Infinity runs applications independently, making it Extremely resource-efficient and cost-effective. This cloud-based platform is especially valuable for schools, small and medium businesses, and individual users. Infinity also offers advanced GPU optimization and a flexible billing system, allowing users to pay only for the resources they use and significantly reduce their IT costs. By making advanced computing accessible and affordable, is allowing users to run any applications on their low-capacity devices, explore new opportunities, and break free from the limitations of regular laptops and desktops. Individual users will also benefit greatly from Infinity. It enables them to run demanding applications and processes on even basic devices, which is especially helpful for freelancers and remote workers needing high- performance computing on the go. With support for Linux and Windows, and plans to include Android and AR/VR in the future, Infinity ensures compatibility across various operating systems, making it a versatile solution for diverse user needs.

ProjectX, founded by Rounak Adhikary, has brought together a team of experts from CISCO, NVIDIA, Wharton, and IITs to infuse technical excellence and strategic vision into the startup. According to an official release, the project has also received a $200,000 grant in infrastructure support from Google, ProjectX has also received grants from the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India. The startup is also recognized as India’s best student startup at the Tiger Launch Global Finals at

Princeton University. Infinity has also won the World Trade Center Innovation Award at Eureka IIT Bombay, standing out among 17,000 other startups. The platform is also currently conducting a pilot program with IIT Bombay, further highlighting its potential to redefine the computing landscape. These achievements underscore Infinity’s remarkable progress and its promising future in the industry.

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