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Users of Telegram may now switch from their personal to commercial accounts

<p>Pavel Durov, the creator of Telegram, revealed a big improvement on Wednesday to rival WhatsApp Business. By paying a monthly charge, users of the well-known chat app may now easily convert their personal accounts into corporate ones.</p>
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<p>With this most recent innovation, small businesses, including stores and cafés, will be empowered to show important details like their location and hours of operation.<br />
T. Durov outlined a number of alluring features for corporate accounts, such as the capacity to use color-coded chat labels, automatically generate welcome or away messages, and create shortcuts for quick responses.<br />
In addition, Telegram intends to release more business-focused features this month, one of which is the incorporation of AI-driven chatbots for improved customer support.<br />
While Telegram is working to compete with WhatsApp Business, one of its main points of differentiation is how it generates income. Unlike WhatsApp, which bases its business on the kind and volume of communications, Telegram charges a monthly fee to access its commercial capabilities. As of last year, WhatsApp Business—owned by Meta—had over 200 million monthly active users. It has also added a number of business-focused features, like in-app e-commerce transactions and tailored customer communications.<br />
The update is now available for download by upgrading the Telegram app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Remember that the business features are part of a subscription model, meaning customers must pay to access them.</p>

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