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Samarth Jurel admits to provoking Abhishek Kumar to slap him on Bigg Boss 17

<p>Bigg Boss 17, presented by Salman Khan, has been surprising audiences with a lot of twists and turns. Arguments abound in the BB House, but the competitors’ focus is on winning the prized trophy. Things deteriorated in the most recent episode. As it occurred, Abhishek Kumar surprised the others by slapping Samarth across his face after Isha Malviya and her companion Samarth Jurel, also known as Chintu, made fun of Abhishek’s mental health problems. The public’s attention has now been drawn to a video in which Munawar Faruqi subtly forces Samarth to acknowledge that he was the one who incited Abhishek to slap him.</p>
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<p>The brief video clip that was released on X (formerly Twitter) included Munawar Faruqi, Ankita Lokhande, and Samarth Jurel conversing. “Pta ki big boss aisei hi kisi clip ka wait kr rhe the chintu ko ye ni The letter said, “Chintu just describing the Slap Incident.” Munawar could be seen in the video pointing at Samarth and declaring that being slapped had made him feel really good. “You wanted to trigger Abhishek so that he raised a hand on you, so you chased after him and did as he pleased.”</p>
<p>Samarth Jurel said that he needed to let go of all the resentment and hate he had been holding against Abhishek Kumar. Since Samarth knew that punching Abhishek would result in his eviction, he chose to strike him verbally instead. Munawar Faruqi then emphasized that Samarth’s intention was to portray Abhishek in an unfavorable light by pointing out that when Abhishek struck him, he did not slap him back. After the facts came to light, Munawar pleaded with Bigg Boss to use sound judgment and make the correct choice.</p>
<p>Abhishek Kumar was seen folding his hands and pleading with Bigg Boss for an apology in the last moments of the video. He pledged to avoid getting into violent altercations with people and to take precautions to prevent other instances of this kind from happening. His only request was that Bigg Boss let him remain in the house rather than having him removed for his misdemeanor.</p>
<p>One person complimented Munawar Faruqi for being “so sharp” in response to the video. The opinion that he was a “Lone Lion” was held by many. The comment section had the phrase “Nation supports Abhishek.”</p>
<p>Bigg Boss 17 is now accessible on JioCinema and ColorsTV for streaming.</p>

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