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Day 3 Box Office Collection For Anweshippin Kandethum: The Malayalam Crime Thriller Starring Tovino Thomas Is Still Shining

<p>On February 9, 2024, “Anweshippin Kandethum” was released in theaters. Many people have been drawn to this criminal thriller due to its intriguing plot. “Anweshippin Kandethum,” which is directed by Darwin Kuriakose and produced by Theatre of Dreams and Yoodlee Films, immerses viewers in a real criminal investigation while guaranteeing that they will find the plot fascinating and that they will have a thrilling experience.</p>
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<p>Day Three Box Office Collection for Anweshippin Kandethum<br />
“Anweshippin Kandethum” had a successful first three days at the box office, according to data from Sacnilk, an Indian box office tracker. In India, it was able to get an expected net profits of Rs 4.37 crore. Anwedhippin Kandethum raked in Rs 1.67 crore at the box office on Day 3.</p>
<p>Concerning Anweshippin Kandethum</p>
<p>The story of “Anweshippin Kandethum” is on an experienced police officer who becomes involved in a high-profile murder case that causes ripples across the whole city. The scenario becomes increasingly complex as the investigation progresses and hidden information, calculated political moves, and personal motivations come to light. As time runs out, the officer navigates lies and treachery while coming under increasing pressure from strong forces who are trying to keep the truth hidden. The officer struggles with moral dilemmas and personal conflicts with each discovery, leading to a suspenseful conclusion that calls into question the fundamentals of justice.</p>
<p>Cast of Anweshippin Kandethum</p>
<p>Siddique, Indrans, Shammi Thilakan, Alencier Ley Lopez, Harishree Ashokan, Prem Prakash, Pramod Veliyanadu, Kottayam Naseer, Madhupal, and Asees Nedumangad are among the ensemble cast members of “Anweshippin Kandethum,” each of them plays a significant role in the movie.</p>

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