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Zachery Ty Bryan, star of “Home Improvement,” was arrested for DUI

<p>Zachery Ty Bryan, star of Home Improvement, is facing legal issues once again after being detained for driving while intoxicated in California.</p>
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<p>The former “Home Improvement” actor was reportedly detained in La Quinta, California, on suspicion of DUI.</p>
<p>The 42-year-old celebrity was reportedly arrested by La Quinta Police that day at 2:36 a.m. for driving while intoxicated with three or more previous offenses, according to TMZ, which is reported by</p>
<p>Sergeant Wenndy Brito-Gonzalez told Fox News Digital, “Deputies assigned to the La Quinta Sheriff’s Station conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle suspected of being involved in a recent traffic collision in the area of Washington Street and Calle Tampico in La Quinta.”</p>
<p>According to, he went on, “When deputies contacted the driver, they observed indications of impairment, leading to the driver’s arrest for driving under the influence with priors.”</p>
<p>“The driver was booked into a Riverside County jail. Zachery Bryan, 42, was later identified as the driver.”</p>
<p>Bryan was accused of both a misdemeanor “contempt of court” and a felony for operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.</p>
<p>In his mug photo, he seemed happy despite the legal issues. After posting $50,000 in bond, the actor was freed from the John Benoit Detention Center, where he had been arrested at five in the morning.</p>
<p>Bryan’s court appearance is scheduled on April 23.</p>
<p>Bryan had to deal with other legal issues as well. He was taken into custody in 2020 on charges of beating his girlfriend at the time.</p>
<p>When the victim attempted to contact 911, Bryan is accused of “assaulting the victim, impeded her breathing, and [took] the victim’s phone from her.”</p>
<p>Following the event, the actor was charged with two felonies and six misdemeanors: two charges of threatening, two counts of fourth-degree assault, felony strangulation, coercion, harassment, and interfering with someone’s ability to file a complaint. The following year, he entered a guilty plea to fourth-degree assault and threatening.</p>
<p>He was taken into custody on July 28, 2023, after a complaint to Eugene Police of a violent altercation between an adult female and a guy at a north Eugene house.</p>

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