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Man Alleges Kanya West DM’d His Girlfriend

<p>For many years, Kanye West has been closely associated with controversy. Kanye has made a significant contribution to the music industry, but his image seems to have been bolstered by a series of well-publicized controversies that consistently make headlines. Similar events have occurred lately, as the rapper for the Vultures is accused of cheating on his wife after startling revelations made by a social media influencer. This started a few days after boxer and well-known online personality Bryce Hall posted shocking images of Kanye West contacting his girlfriend on Instagram.</p>
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<p>Bryce tweeted a video of screenshots from the conversation on his social media account, showing the 46-year-old musician inviting his girlfriend Mikaela to hang out and listen to his music. West opens the conversation by texting, “Back in Cali,” to which Mikaela responds, “What?”</p>
<p>The rapper then asks Mikaela whether she is in the US or California, saying, “Wanted to see if you wanted to hang out and listen to the new album.” Byrce included a caption with the video that says:. “Now, what do I do?”</p>
<p>Subsequently, the social media influencer posted the screenshot on X (formerly Twitter), implying that West erased the letters following Mikaela’s rejection. He responded, laughing at first, “Kanye is sullying my girlfriend.” It was followed by another amusing tweet that said, “Cmon, ye. Someone tell Kim.” at the very least, let me attend the “hang and listen” session.</p>
<p>Notably, fans targeted the rapper right away when the alarming screenshots surfaced. He was exposed by many for having an affair with Bianca Censori, his wife. Some people were even persuaded that the influencer’s girlfriend and the rapper had past relationships.</p>
<p>Reactions to Kanye West’s “controlling” wife, Biance</p>
<p>The serious criticism Kanye has been receiving over the last several days precedes the accusations. The rapper reportedly gave his wife a list of instructions, including what she may eat and what she must “never speak.”</p>
<p>“Kanye has certain expectations for Bianca, including not talking to him and dressing the way he pleases. In addition, she has to exercise and consume certain foods, even if Kanye doesn’t. She obeys her spouse and lacks independence,” a Daily Mail article claims, citing an intimate source.</p>

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